RC Speedsters

RC Speedsters was established by a desire and dream to build a sports car, which had a timeless shape but also the performance and dynamics of today's car.

With a background in aircraft engineering, racing open-wheelers and a passion for motor vehicles, Reno implemented his experience and knowledge to manufacture an automobile that reflects the height of one's ambitions.

The RC Speedster is the epitome of Reno Chetcuti. This is proved by the hours of planning and research to ensure that this sports car comes to life. As the driver you will have complete confidence in the RC Speedster's handling and capabilities as a performance vehicle. Drivers will also experience the comfort and nostalgia of driving an elite vehicle while at the same time providing a promising performance and the reliability of a modern production-built automobile.

Each RC Speedster is hand made and manufactured in-house. We strive to build  a vehicle which is of the highest quality achievable.

Each RC Speedster is customed built to suit it's new owner, not the owner is made to suit the car.

RC Speedster's unlike other speedsters built around the world, has a custom built chassis which gives a much larger internal cockpit and leg room.

RC Speedsters has it's own in-house engineering capability. We continually strive to improve the vehicle's performance, handling, braking and pass on these improvements to our customers.

The greatest feature about an RC Speedster is it's physical appearance, we will under no circumstances change it's outside appearance, thus enabling the car being brand new or 5 yrs old, to maintain it's high re-sale value.

We will continually improve the car's mechanical situation and pass on these improvements to current owners if they desire to update there vehicles to current specifications.

All vehicles are numbered and a full car history is placed on a database. All vehicles are built to comply with Australian design rules which are possibly the most stringent in the world.

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